Passed: A resolution in the U.S. Congress: A resolution honoring the life and legacy of Joe Frazier

November 10, 2011

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Smokin’ Joe Frazier, the man who handed Muhammad Ali his first defeat Photograph: AP

S.Res. 319: A resolution honoring the life and legacy of Joe Frazier.

This resolution has been passed in the Senate. The resolution now takes effect.
This resolution passed in the Senate by Unanimous Consent.
Introduced Nov 9, 2011
Passed Senate Nov 9, 2011
Robert Casey [D-PA]
John McCain [R-AZ]
Honoring the life and legacy of Joe Frazier.
Whereas boxing legend ‘‘Smokin’ ’’ Joe Frazier lost a battle
with liver cancer on November 7, 2011;
Whereas, with the passing of Joe Frazier, the State of South
Carolina and the United States lost 1 of the greatest
heavyweight boxing champions of the modern era;
Whereas Joe Frazier was born on January 12, 1944, to a
farmer in Beaufort, South Carolina;
Whereas, in Beaufort, South Carolina, Joe Frazier discovered
the passion for boxing that would ultimately lead him to
Whereas Joe Frazier left his childhood home and began to
work in a meat packing company based in Philadelphia,
Whereas Joe Frazier trained in a Philadelphia Police Athletic
League gymnasium to prepare for his first amateur
Whereas, in 1964, Joe Frazier became the only United States
athlete to win an Olympic gold medal for boxing during
the Summer Olympic Games in Japan, despite breaking
a thumb and fighting with a broken hand;
Whereas, upon becoming a professional boxer in 1965, Joe
Frazier was known for having a powerful left hook, which
led Frazier to defeat his first 11 opponents;
Whereas Joe Frazier defeated Jimmy Ellis, the World Boxing
Association heavyweight champion, in 1970 and held the
heavyweight title until 1973;
Whereas, on March 8, 1971 in Madison Square Garden, Joe
Frazier became the first boxer to defeat Muhammad Ali,
throwing a devastating left hook in the 15th round that
ultimately led to a victory by decision;
Whereas, in 1971, Joe Frazier became the first African-
American man since the Civil War to address the South
Carolina State Legislature in Columbia, South Carolina;
Whereas, in 1975, arch-rivals Joe Frazier and Muhammad
Ali met in the ‘‘Thrilla in Manilla’’ for the third and final
fight between the two men, and a battered, bruised, and
nearly blind Frazier lost by technical knockout when his
trainer pulled him from the fight in the 14th round;
Whereas, after retiring from boxing, Joe Frazier mentored
youth boxers in Philadelphia and encouraged the boxers
to lead productive lives and avoid violence;
Whereas Joe Frazier personified the fighting spirit of the city
of Philadelphia;
Whereas Joe Frazier was inducted into the International
Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990;
Whereas Joe Frazier finished his boxing career with 32 wins,
of which 27 were knockouts, 4 losses, and 1 draw; and
Whereas ‘‘Smokin’ ’’ Joe Frazier epitomized 1 of the greatest
eras in boxing, rising from humble origins on a South
Carolina farm to become the heavyweight boxing world
champion, and inspiring a generation of Americans: Now,
therefore, be it
Resolved, That the Senate—
(1) mourns the loss of Joe Frazier;
(2) honors the life and accomplishments of Joe Frazier, an American champion and a world renowned boxing legend; and
(3) offers the deepest condolences of the Senate to the family of Joe Frazier.
Casey Introduces Bipartisan Resolution Honoring Life of Philadelphia Boxing Legend Joe Frazier
Casey: Smokin’ Joe was PA’s Real Life Rocky, Will Always be Remembered
WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) today introduced a Senate Resolution honoring the life of boxing legend Joe Frazier. Frazier, born to humble beginnings, began his historic ascent in boxing history punching meat in a Philadelphia slaughterhouse. While always maintaining roots in Philadelphia, Frazier went on to become a world heavyweight champion, battling Muhammad Ali throughout his career in a series of legendary bouts.

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