Urban Africa- Cities of Africa not often seen by people outside of the continent

Urban Africa- Cities of Africa not often seen by people outside of the continent

A collection of photos taken by awesome people of the world
Dilemma X
Africa is huge and diverse. It is the 2nd most populous continent, after Asia. The continent has 54 independent countries with many different ethnic groups.
Africa has seen its share of great empires from: ancient Egypt (km.t) and Nubia to the Ethiopian Empire, Kingdom of Mapungubwe, Songhai Empire, Mali Empire, Kingdom of Kongo, Hausa, Asante Union/Ashanti Empire, Lunda Empire and Zulu Kingdom.
The continent has seen its population shipped off into other parts of the world for forced enslavement. This helped create some of the most powerful and most developed modern countries in the Americas.
The continent has seen European colonialism or “Scramble for Africa”. The Berlin Conference of 1884–1885 regulated European colonization of Africa.
Africans began to see their independence with the Anglo-Ethiopian Agreement that was signed between Ethiopia and the United Kingdom to re-establish Ethiopian independence after the Italian military was forced out of Ethiopia in 1941 during World War II. Ethopia was the only country not colonized by European powers.
Egypt was ruled by the British from 1882 to 1952 until it gained its independence.
In 1954, the governments of Egypt and Britain signed a treaty guaranteeing Sudan independence and on January 1, 1956 Sudan became its own nation.
Ghana gained its independence from the United Kingdom March 6, 1957.
Africa’s most populated nation, Nigeria, gained independence from the British on October 1, 1960.
Angola gained independence from Portugal November 11, 1975.
On December 1,1979, the British, Rhodesian governments and the Patriotic Front signed the Lancaster House Agreement, ending the civil war and white rule. Zimbabwe become a nation on April 18, 1980.
The South African general election of 1994 marked the end of apartheid.
South Sudan became an independent state on July 9, 2011.
All this independent nation building was being  done while the Cold War was actively taking place on the continent. Most countries of the world could nation build without outside foreign influence or foreign intrusion.
Today, there seems to be a new “Scramble for Africa”.
Enjoy the views of urban Africa
Photos of some African cities: A-H
Photos of some African cities: J-Z

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