1911 United: The super PAC supporting the re-election of President Barack Obama visits Atlanta

June 9, 2012


1911 United: The super PAC supporting the re-election of President Barack Obama visits Atlanta

Dilemma X

ATLANTA- 1911 United, a super PAC dedicated to mobilizing African American voters in key swing states, arrived in Atlanta on June 9, 2012. Morris Brown College was the site of the 2012 Atlanta Greek Picnic, where 1911 United arrived in Georgia to register 10,000 voters and recruit 4,000 volunteers to help President Barack Obama win a second term. 

Dilemma X was honored to be given an upclose visit with 1911 United and shares this video and photos of their bus campaign tour into metropolitan Atlanta. 

1911 United is founded by the fraternities Kappa Alpha Psi and Omega Psi Phi  http://1911united.com

Thank you co-founder Sinclair Skinner and co-founder Che Sayles for granting Dilemma X access to 1911 United.


Video: 1911 United: Obama super PAC visits Atlanta, Georgia- Dilemma X


2008 Presidential Election


McCain 2,048,759   52%
Obama 1,844,123   47%


Total Georgia voter registration data by demographics

As of March 1, 2012

Demographic Total Voters Percentage
Black Female 997,989    17.19%
Black Male 714,920    12.32%

White Female 1,842,008    31.73%
White Male 1,641,019    28.27%

Asian-PI Female 41,215    0.71%
Asian-PI Male 38,109    0.66%

Hispanic-Latino of any race Female 52,524    0.90%
Hispanic-Latino of any race Male 46,014    0.79%

Indian Female 995    0.017%
Indian Male 837   0.014%

Other 429,182    7.39%

Total 5,804,812    100%

Source: Georgia Secretary of State


Active voters by race/gender within county

Some metro Atlanta area counties- As of June 1, 2012


African American- female: 125,748  male: 90,063

White- female: 119,148 male: 110,361


African American- female: 126,618 male: 87,927

White- female:  74,297 male: 64,492


African American- female: 55,079  male: 37,747

White- female: 137,254 male: 122,382


African American- female: 53,068 male: 37,218

White- female: 115,214 male: 101,853


African American- female: 54,352  male: 37,615

White- female: 11,262 male:  9,395


African American- female: 15,604 male: 10,858

White- female: 19,337  male: 16,807


African American- female: 11,617 male: 8,060

White- female: 11,012  male: 9,751


African American- female: 23,811 male: 17,083

White- female: 32,626 male: 28,821

Source: Georgia Secretary of State


Georgia law requires residents to show a photo I.D.

Georgia law (O.C.G.A § 21-2-417) requires Georgia residents to show photo identification when voting in person.

If you have questions, need more information or have difficulty getting a FREE Voter Identification Card, you can contact your county registrar’s office or the Secretary of State’s Elections Division at:


Telephone (8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.) 

Atlanta local: (404) 656-2871 
Georgia Toll-Free: (877) 725-9797 
V/TTY: (404) 656-1787
Fax: (404) 651-9531 


1911 United / 2012 Atlanta Greek Picnic at Morris Brown College


June 11, 2012


Audio: Obama campaign releases first black radio ad


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