Libya election: Count under way after historic vote

July 8, 2012

Africa, International

Libya election: Count under way after historic vote

BBC News
Vote-counting is under way in Libya, after the country held its first free national election for 60 years.
Partial results are expected later in the week, with some unofficial exit polls suggesting a liberal alliance was leading Islamist parties. Officials said turnout on Saturday was about 60%.
Voting continued in some areas where technical difficulties caused delays.
The 200-member assembly will choose the first elected government since Col Gaddafi came to power in 1969.
The last fully free parliamentary election was held soon after independence in 1952. The last national vote was held in 1965, when no political parties were allowed.
On voting day there were pockets of unrest in the east, where there are fears the region will be under-represented in the new temporary assembly being elected.
US President Barack Obama said the election was “another milestone” in Libya’s political transformation. Italy, the former colonial power, also hailed the vote.
More than 100 parties are competing in the poll, many of them formed only in recent months.
The most prominent party to emerge so far is the Justice and Construction Party, made up mostly of Muslim Brotherhood members.
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Libyan elections
2.8 million registered voters from around 3-3.5 million eligible (45% women)
2,639 individual candidates (competing for 120 seats in 69 constituencies)
374 party lists from more than 100 political entities (competing for 80 party seats in 20 constituencies)
559 women registered for party seats (44%)
88 women registered for individual seats (3%)
Source: The UN and the Libyan Electoral High Commission (HNEC)

Video: Attacks, abductions, boycott as Libya votes in historic election




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