Ghana’s oil city residents protest against sale of lands

October 19, 2012

Africa, International

Ghana’s oil city residents protest against sale of lands


TAKORADI, GHANA– The residents of Ghana’s oil city Sekondi-Takoradi on Thursday expressed dismay over the continuous sales of public lands by government officials. The anger of the citizens was fuelled by the recent sale of Kasuarina Belt, a piece of land located in the center of the city, to an automobile company by the metropolitan assembly.

They said top regional government officials were selling huge plots of public lands to foreign investors and private individuals amid high demand for land in the city, 218 kilometers west of capital Accra. As the city is congested with human and vehicular traffic, it is not appropriate to sell the piece of land within the city that can be used as a recreation facility, said Francis Eghan, spokesperson for the residents. According to the residents, the Kasuarina Belt was currently the only piece of land left in the central business district of the city, and had been preserved since 1922 for future developments.

A planned a massive demonstration to protest against the sales was refused by the regional police command, as it said the protest could disrupt the country’s preparations for the forthcoming elections in December.

Eghan said the citizens would petition the president to intervene to revise the earlier decision. Meanwhile, Mayor of Sekondi-Takoradi Capt. Anthony Cudjoe explained that the land in question was not sold but was leased for a period of 50 years, and therefore posed no development challenge to the metropolis. He noted that before the Kasualina Belt was leased, the Physical Planning Department of the metropolitan assembly had done a diligent assessment of the area and came to the realization that it would be beneficial to the people.

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Ghana National Petroleum Corporation

Established in 1983, the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) strives to become a world class company that partners with the international petroleum industry to enable Ghana find and develop oil and gas resources for the benefit of the people of Ghana as well as our partners who share in the exciting expedition.

GNPC has established a comprehensive database on the enormous potential of the various sedimentary basins in Ghana. The Corporation identified some of the prospects that led to recent exploration successes in Ghana’s deepwater areas, enabling the country to become  a deepwater oil producer and net exporter within three and half years after the Jubilee discovery. This fast track development has been celebrated as an industry record.


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