Poultry farming to be developed in Equatorial Guinea and 7th Summit for ACP comes to Malabo

November 30, 2012

Africa, International

UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization  to invest US$3 million to develop poultry farming in Equatorial Guinea


MALABO, Equatorial Guinea-The government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) have signed an agreement that calls for the FAO to invest US$3 million over three years to develop poultry farming in rural Equatorial Guinea.

This investment is part of the government’s efforts to develop the country’s agricultural sector and create income-generating activities in rural and urban areas. The goal of the government and the FAO is to develop a family-based poultry industry that employs modern practices. The program will provide training and resources for feeding and care of poultry stock, vaccination against diseases, and general veterinary care.

Miguel Oyono Ndong Mifumu, Agriculture Minister of Equatorial Guinea, and Athman Mravili, Malabo representative of the FAO, signed the agreement.

“The goal of this government program is to develop the agricultural regions of the country. This agreement will have a positive impact in rural areas, by supporting the work of its people,” said Miguel Ndong.

The agreement provides training in the provinces and extension and implementation of a system to deliver critical pharmaceuticals.

Equatorial Guinea’s President, Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, announced on October 11 that his government had offered US$30 million to the FAO to assist African countries with food shortages and improve food security across the continent.


Equatorial Guinea to host 7th Summit of African Caribbean and Pacific Heads of State and Government


Heads of State and delegates from the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries will come together from December 10-14, 2012, in Malabo, the capital of Equatorial guinea, for the 7th Summit for African Caribbean and Pacific Heads of State and Government (ACP).

President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, along with African, Caribbean and Pacific group leaders will meet to strengthen South-South solidarity and collaboration, Millennium Development Goals, sustainable development programs in ACP communities, and to enhance ACP countries role in the global arena. This is another effort by the government to strengthen its cooperation ties with the international community.

This year’s ACP Summit theme will be “the future of the ACP group in a Changing World: Challenges and Opportunities,” and will focus on the future of ACP-EU relations, opportunities for ACP partnerships with emerging economies, intra-ACP trade, energy and sustainable economic development, and peace and security issues. The previous ACP Summit was held in Ghana in 2008 with a focus on the impact of the international financial hurricane of oil and food prices.
ACP is an association of African, Caribbean and Pacific countries formed to coordinate the agreements of the Lome Convention of 1975, later included in the context of the objectives of the Cotonou Agreement, signed in 2000. Its objectives are to coordinate the activities of the ACP States, in the framework of the implementation of that agreement, and to define common positions of member countries in relation to the European Union (European Development Fund).

Sipopo has also hosted events associated with the African-South American Summit. It was the host of the African-South America Forum, at which ministers of foreign affairs from 65 countries came together, and it will host the summit at a later date this year. In June and July, Equatorial Guinea hosted the African Union Summit, and in August the country was also the host of the 9th Leon H. Sullivan Summit, in Sipopo.
Video: 7th Summit for ACP Heads of State

Video: Investment In Equatorial Guinea

Video: Equatorial Guinea recently celebrated its independence National Day on October 12, 2012


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