Bermuda 2012 Election: OBA claimed a nail-biting win

December 18, 2012


Cannonier: ‘Bermuda has seen a new day’
Premier Paula Cox lost her Devonshire North West seat tonight after 16 years and a political career that has seen her hold virtually every major Cabinet post.

Glen Smith of the One Bermuda Alliance polled 407 to Ms Cox’s 377 and his party won the General Election overall.

Bermuda Election Day

By Jonathan Kent
The Royal Gazette

The OBA tonight claimed a nail-biting win.

Coming down to two seats, Nandi Davis won by four votes in St George’s West to secure the seat that got the OBA into power.

It meant the OBA claimed 19 of the 36 seats available. It means it has a two seat majority in the House of Assembly.

The election claimed some huge scalps — Paula Cox lost her seat and Ministers Dame Jennifer Smith and Patrice Minors were also defeated.

Tonight OBA leader Craig Cannonnier said at a rally celebrating victory: “Bermuda has seen a new day. t’s new Bermuda and a new day in politics.”

He said it is no longer dictated by race or power and a new politics not dictated by whether you come from St David’s or Dockyard.

“Tonight bermuda stands in a new place. We have always said from the very beginning this is about the people of this country.

The work begins now.

“I will say to you, you must open your doors and that your conversation will always be about uplifting everyone who exists in this country.” He said the OBA will leave no one behind.

“Now I ask you to open your arms to everyone,” and added: “A new standard has been set. To those who cannot feed their families, seniors who cannot afford to stay in their own country … the OBA will work for you.

“This is about moving forward … truly leaving no one behind. Bermuda has spoken very clearly that we were looking for a solution, it is looking for a new way.”

After his speech, he told The Royal Gazette: “This is truly a humbling experience for us. I can’t thank God enough for the privilege to represent this country. Bermuda can always count on me that I will rule with integrity and honesty.

“There are thousands of people out there on Reid Street, they are very excited about what’s going on.

“We have a lot of work to do and first thing in the morning we will getting jobs back out there for Bermudians. We need to get Bermudians back to work.”

Ms Davis said: “It was so close. I am shocked. I worked hard in my constituency. I am excited. I can’t believe it. No recount. Everything was good.”

Tonight the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce issued a congratulatory statement to the One Bermuda Alliance and incoming Premier Craig Cannonier.

Chamber President Ronnie Viera noted; “On behalf of the Chamber I wish to extend best wishes to the OBA on their historic election victory.

“We look forward to quickly getting down to business with the Premier and his new Cabinet as we seek to collectively address the many tough challenges which lie ahead as we seek to return to a more positive economy.”

Chief among the issues the Chamber would like to see addressed in the coming months is the formation of an Economic Advisory Board which would advise the Minister of Finance on tactical and strategic economic planning.

Mr Viera added: “The economy is a top priority for the Chamber and we intend to make an official application to Government in short order requesting the formation of a statutory Economics Advisory Board with members drawn from the various representative business groups, business leaders and other stakeholders. Previously, these stakeholder groups have not been able to participate in macro-economic planning, which is unfortunate given that it is these same stakeholders who have suffered most significantly over the past 3 years of recession.

“We believe that through close collaboration the Government will benefit greatly from having input and knowledge transfer from industry experts.”


Election Results

Bermude Election 2012

Bermude Election 2012


One Bermuda Alliance

Founded: May 17, 2011
Progressive Labour Party

Founded: February 10, 1963

Video: OBA win


New Constituency Listing
New boundaries to take into affect at the next general election •Constituency
1 – St. George’s North •Constituency
2 – St. George’s West •Constituency
3 – St. David’s •Constituency
4 – St. George’s South •Constituency
5 – Hamilton East •Constituency
6 – Hamilton West •Constituency
7 – Hamilton South •Constituency
8 – Smiths South •Constituency
9 – Smiths West •Constituency
10 – Smiths North •Constituency
11 – Devonshire East •Constituency
12 – Devonshire South Central •Constituency
13 – Devonshire North Central •Constituency
14 – Devonshire North West •Constituency
15 – Pembroke East •Constituency
16 – Pembroke East Central •Constituency
17 – Pembroke Central •Constituency
18 – Pembroke West Central •Constituency
19 – Pembroke West •Constituency
20 – Pembroke South West •Constituency
21 – Pembroke South East •Constituency
22 – Paget East •Constituency
23 – Paget West •Constituency
24 – Warwick South East •Constituency
25 – Warwick North East •Constituency
26 – Warwick South Central •Constituency
27 – Warwick North Central •Constituency
28 – Warwick West •Constituency
29 – Southampton East •Constituency
30 – Southampton East Central •Constituency
31 – Southampton West Central •Constituency
32 – Southampton West •Constituency
33 – Sandys South •Constituency
34 – Sandys South Central •Constituency
35 – Sandys North Central •Constituency
36 – Sandys North



Population:  69,080 (July 2012 est.)

Bermuda Map

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