Kenya population to hit 73 million by 2030

June 21, 2013

Africa, International

Kenya population to hit 73 million by 2030


By Musembi Nzengu
The Star

The Kenyan population is projected to shoot to shoot to 73 million people by the year 2030, a population expert said yesterday. The National Council for Population and Development deputy director for policy and research Vane Lumumba said yesterday the rapid population growth rate would stifle economic growth.

She said it was thus imperative to manage the country’s population. “The country’s population growth that stood at 38 million in 2009 will balloon to 73 million by the year 2030 going by the current growth rate. That will put a strain on social services and retard the country’s economy,” said Lumumba.

She was speaking at a Kitui hotel yesterday during a family planning campaign briefing. It was official opened by the Kitui county deputy governor Peninnah Malonza.

Lumumba said in order for the country to avoid both the population explosion and economic stagnation Kenyans must embrace family planning and the use of contraceptives.

She said it was important for the both national and county government to manage populations. “We need to manage our population to attain the desired economic growth. The answer lies in the use of contraceptives,” she said adding that even Kenyans whose faith was against artificial family planning contraceptives could use natural methods.

The director said with a well-managed and controlled population, the country would save a hopping Sh20 billion to grow the economy.

She lamented that failure to embrace contraceptive lead to unwanted pregnancies and worst still a high numbers of abortions. Malonza expressed worry over the birth rate in Kitui County that surpasses the national tally.

She said while nationally the birth rate tally for a single woman was 4.6 children that of Kitui stood at 5.1 children per woman. She lamented that the rapid growth in population put a big strain on the available resources.

She further noted that the populations was an important resource in development and that the need to manage and control population.

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One Comment on “Kenya population to hit 73 million by 2030”

  1. piankiPianki Says:

    So I guess you want to install a U.S based abortion provider Parent Planned Parenthood Hood. Black American Women aborted over 18 million black babies from 1973 thru 2008, is this what Kenya wants? Why not put in place the correct activites that will assure food production, health and education? The U.S is constantly permitting certain immigrants to enter to boost it’s population while advising others to cut theirs. Something sound wrongs to me.Nigeria population projection is over 700 million by 2100. What a economic market this will be so why not Kenya?


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