2015 Release: U.S. college president compensation at public and private colleges and universities

June 13, 2015

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2015 Release: U.S. college president compensation at public and private colleges and universities

These data show the total compensation received by chief executives of public and private universities and public university systems since 2009.

All individuals, including interim leaders, who served in the capacity of chief executive are included. Often, more than one president serves during a given year. Presidents who serve less than the full year are noted.

Medians and percentiles, where provided, are based only on presidents who served the entire calendar year.

Data for public universities are based on the institution’s fiscal year (usually July 1 to June 30, though dates vary by institution).

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education Produced and researched by Sandhya Kambhampati and Brian O’Leary

Public Universities and Public Colleges
2014 Total Compensation
To calculate “total compensation,” data includes base pay, bonus, deferred compensation paid out, and severance.
* Partial-year compensation

Some institutions declined to report their 2014 data.

Penn State University

Rodney A. Erickson
Pennsylvania State University at University Park

R. Bowen Loftin *
Texas A&M University at College Station

Joseph A. Alutto
Ohio State University

Elson S. Floyd
Washington State University

Paula Allen-Meares
University of Illinois at Chicago

Francisco G. Cigarroa
University of Texas system

Renu Khator
University of Houston

Patrick T. Harker
University of Delaware

Charles W. Steger *
Virginia Tech

Robert E. Witt
University of Alabama system

Robert L. Barchi
Rutgers University at New Brunswick

Judy L. Genshaft
University of South Florida

John Sharp
Texas A&M University system office

Mary Sue Coleman
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Eli Capilouto
University of Kentucky

Judy Bonner
University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa

Robert L. Caret
University of Massachusetts system

Michael A. McRobbie
Indiana University at Bloomington

Satish K. Tripathi
University at Buffalo

Samuel L. Stanley Jr.
State University of New York at Stony Brook

Eric J. Barron *
Florida State University

Kent R. Hance
Texas Tech University system

Lou Anna K. Simon
Michigan State University

John C. Hitt
University of Central Florida

Lester A. Lefton
Kent State University at Kent (Ohio)

Santa J. Ono
University of Cincinnati

James R. Ramsey
University of Louisville

Michael K. Young
University of Washington

Angel Cabrera
George Mason University

Eric W. Kaler
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Michael M. Crow
Arizona State University

F. King Alexander
Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge

Brian McCall
Texas State University system

Mark A. Nordenberg
University of Pittsburgh main campus

Ronald M. Berkman
Cleveland State University

David C. Hodge
Miami University (Ohio)

Joel S. Bloom
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Mark B. Rosenberg
Florida International University

Susan Herbst
University of Connecticut

Robert A. Altenkirch
University of Alabama at Huntsville

J. Bernard Machen
University of Florida

Luis M. Proenza *
University of Akron

Timothy J. Flanagan *
Illinois State University

Michael Rao
Virginia Commonwealth University

Ray Watts
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Robert A. Easter
University of Illinois system

Nancy L. Zimpher
State University of New York system

Michael R. Gottfredson
University of Oregon

Thomas W. Ross
University of North Carolina General Administration

LLoyd A. Jacobs
University of Toledo

William E. (Brit) Kirwan
University System of Maryland

Robert J. Sternberg *
University of Wyoming

David E. Daniel
University of Texas at Dallas

Harris Pastides
University of South Carolina at Columbia

Mark P. Becker
Georgia State University

Phyllis M. Wise
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Michael B. McCall
Kentucky Community and Technical College system

Wallace D. Loh
University of Maryland at College Park

James P. Clements *
West Virginia University

Raymond W. Cross *
University of Wisconsin system

Carol L. Folt
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

W. Randolph Woodson
North Carolina State University

David R. Hopkins
Wright State University

Sally K. Mason
University of Iowa

Harvey Stenger
Binghamton University

James B. Milliken *
University of Nebraska system office

Rebecca M. Blank
University of Wisconsin at Madison

Jo Ann M. Gora
Ball State University

Robert J. Jones
University at Albany, SUNY

Teresa A. Sullivan
University of Virginia

Roderick J. McDavis
Ohio University

Bernadette Gray-Little
University of Kansas

David Glenn DuBois
Virginia Community College system

Jay Gogue
Auburn University
W. Taylor Reveley III
College of William & Mary

Nicholas B. Dirks
University of California at Berkeley

Edward J. Ray
Oregon State University

Vistasp Karbhari
University of Texas at Arlington

William P. Kelly *
City University of New York

Neil D. Theobald
Temple University

Mark W. Huddleston
University of New Hampshire

Mitchell E. Daniels Jr.
Purdue University at West Lafayette

Ann Weaver Hart
University of Arizona

M. Roy Wilson
Wayne State University

Anthony A. Frank
Colorado State University at Fort Collins

Steven Leath
Iowa State University

Joseph A. DiPietro
University of Tennessee system

Timothy Michael Wolfe
University of Missouri system

Kirk H. Schulz
Kansas State University

E. Thomas Sullivan
University of Vermont

Mark A. Hussey *
Texas A&M University at College Station

Douglas D. Baker
Northern Illinois University

Robert L. Duncan
Texas Tech University system

Jere W. Morehead
University of Georgia

Mary Ellen Mazey
Bowling Green State University, Main Campus

Kumble R. Subbaswamy
University of Massachusetts at Amherst

G.P. (Bud) Peterson
Georgia Institute of Technology

David W. Pershing
University of Utah

Thomas M. Apple
University of Hawaii-Manoa

Freeman A. Hrabowski III
University of Maryland-Baltimore County

David L. Boren
University of Oklahoma at Norman

Jimmy G. Cheek
University of Tennessee at Knoxville

Janet A. Napolitano *
University of California system office

Bruce H. Leslie
Alamo Community College District

Harvey S. Perlman
University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Mark E. Keenum
Mississippi State University

Daniel W. Jones
University of Mississippi

Donald R. Bobbitt
University of Arkansas system

M. Duane Nellis
Texas Tech University

Henry M. Huckaby
University System of Georgia

Kevin P. Reilly *
University of Wisconsin system

Gene D. Block
University of California at Los Angeles

Pradeep K. Khosla
University of California at San Diego

Timothy P. White
California State University system

John M. Rudley
Texas Southern University

Philip DiStefano
University of Colorado at Boulder

Leo E. Morton
University of Missouri at Kansas City

Marinus Wilhelmus (Wim) Wiewel
Portland State University

Linda P.B. Katehi
University of California at Davis

Elliot L. Hirshman
San Diego State University

Kenneth R. Evans
Lamar University

Thomas F. George
University of Missouri at St. Louis

Michael V. Drake
University of California at Irvine

Diana S. Natalicio
University of Texas at El Paso

Dana G. Hoyt
Sam Houston State University

Ricardo Romo
University of Texas at San Antonio

Garrey E. Carruthers
New Mexico State University at Las Cruces

Judith A. Bense
University of West Florida

Eric J. Barron *
Pennsylvania State University at University Park

Steven J. Rosenstone
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system

Myles W. Scoggins
Colorado School of Mines

John M. Dunn
Western Michigan University

James P. Clements *
Clemson University

Martin T. Meehan
University of Massachusetts at Lowell

Sandra K. Woodley
University of Louisiana system

Rodney D. Bennett
University of Southern Mississippi

John R. Broderick
Old Dominion University

Donald M. Elliman
University of Colorado at Denver

George E. Ross
Central Michigan University

Marc A. Johnson
University of Nevada at Reno

Bruce D. Benson
University of Colorado system

Robert G. Frank
University of New Mexico

Arthur C. Vailas
Idaho State University

Jack Warner
South Dakota Board of Regents

Brooks A. Keel
Georgia Southern University

Rita Cheng
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

David L. Chicoine
South Dakota State University

James W. Abbott
University of South Dakota

Robert O. Kelley
University of North Dakota

V. Burns Hargis
Oklahoma State University at Stillwater

Joseph Savoie
University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Leslie K. Guice
Louisiana Tech University

John W. Bardo
Wichita State University

Hank M. Bounds
Mississippi State Institutes of Higher Learning, Board of Trustees

Mark Mone *
University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

J. Keith Motley
University of Massachusetts at Boston

Flavius Killebrew
Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi

Dean L. Bresciani
North Dakota State University

Charles R. Bantz
Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis

G. David Gearhart
University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

David M. Dooley
University of Rhode Island

Dan R. Jones
Texas A&M University at Commerce

John G. Morgan
Tennessee Board of Regents

Sidney A. McPhee
Middle Tennessee State University

Stan L. Albrecht
Utah State University

Eileen I. Klein
Arizona Board of Regents

Peter J. Fos
University of New Orleans

Philip L. Dubois
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Glenn W. Poshard *
Southern Illinois University system office

Steven C. Ballard
East Carolina University

R. Bowen Loftin *
University of Missouri at Columbia

Nancy J. McCallin
Colorado Community College System

Patrick K. Gamble
University of Alaska system

Harold L. Martin
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Linda P. Brady
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Cheryl Bunnett Schrader
Missouri University of Science and Technology

Glenn D. Mroz
Michigan Technological University

Henry T. Yang
University of California at Santa Barbara

Brian D. Rogers
University of Alaska at Fairbanks

Kim A. Wilcox *
University of California at Riverside

Charles L. Welch
Arkansas State University system

George R. Blumenthal
University of California at Santa Cruz

Steven H. Tallant
Texas A&M University at Kingsville

Daniel J. Klaich
Nevada System of Higher Education

Brian E. Noland
East Tennessee State University

Richard C. McGinity *
University of Wyoming

Donald D. Snider *
University of Nevada at Las Vegas

Mickey L. Burnim
Bowie State University

Neal J. Smatresk *
University of North Texas

Waded Cruzado-Salas
Montana State University at Bozeman

Royce C. Engstrom
University of Montana at Missoula

Clayton T. Christian
Montana University System Office

Kay Norton
University of Northern Colorado

Daniel J. Bradley
Indiana State University

Melody Rose
Oregon University system

Robert Scott Ralls
North Carolina Community College system

Michael Allan Driscoll
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

John E. Christensen
University of Nebraska at Omaha

James H. Page *
University of Maine system office

Neal J. Smatresk *
University of Nevada at Las Vegas

Todd J. Leach *
University System of New Hampshire

Rufus Glasper *
Maricopa County Community College District

David Lassner *
University of Hawaii system

Carolyn Meyers
Jackson State University

Brady James Deaton *
University of Missouri at Columbia

Mark A. Heinrich
Alabama Community College system

Paul Ferguson
University of Maine

Frank T. Brogan *
Pennsylvania State system

David L. Buhler
Utah System of Higher Education

Dennis J. Crudele *
Florida Atlantic University

Paul L. Hill
West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission

Tony G. Waldrop *
University of South Alabama

Joel E. Anderson
University of Arkansas at Little Rock

James F. Barker *
Clemson University

E. Gordon Gee *
West Virginia University

John A. Tompkins
Kansas Board of Regents

Martin H. Brown
Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

Ronald W. Jackson
Technical College System of Georgia

John W. Kelly *
Florida Atlantic University

Larry C. Skogen
North Dakota University system

Nancy Cantor *
Rutgers University at Newark

Betty J. Youngblood
Oakland University

James L. Skidmore
West Virginia Community and Technical College system

Marshall M. Criser III *
State University System of Florida, Board of Governors

John Carey
Ohio Board of Regents

John Fitzsimmons
Maine Community College system

Morna K. Foy
Wisconsin Technical College system

Donald Lee Burnett Jr. *
University of Idaho

Karen Hunter Anderson
Illinois Community College system

Todd R. Clear *
Rutgers University at Newark

John W. Smith *
University of South Alabama

Mark G. Yudof *
University of California system office

V. Lane Rawlins *
University of North Texas

Charles Alan Staben *
University of Idaho

Garnett Stokes
Florida State University

Larry Dietz *
Illinois State University

Timothy D. Sands *
Virginia Tech

M.R.C. Greenwood *
University of Hawaii system

Randy J. Dunn *
Southern Illinois University system office

James Linder *
University of Nebraska system office

James B. Milliken *
City University of New York

Frank T. Brogan *
State University System of Florida, Board of Governors

M. David Rudd *
University of Memphis

Jane C. Conoley *
University of California at Riverside

Private Universities and Private Colleges
2012 Total Compensation
To calculate “total compensation,” data includes base pay, bonus, deferred compensation paid out, and severance.
* Partial-year compensation

Compensation data were compiled from the Internal Revenue Service’s Form 990, which is filed by most nonprofit entities. Some private nonprofit universities cite a religious exemption from filing the Form 990 and were therefore excluded from our analysis.

Some Roman Catholic colleges whose presidents are members of religious orders pay no direct compensation to their chief executives, instead allocating money to the religious order. Compensation for these presidents may be reported as $0.

Shirley Ann Jackson
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

John L. Lahey
Quinnipiac University

Lee C. Bollinger
Columbia University

Amy Gutmann
University of Pennsylvania

Charles R. Middleton
Roosevelt University

Susan Hockfield *
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

David W. Leebron
Rice University

John E. Sexton
New York University

Marc Tessier-Lavigne
Rockefeller University

Richard C. Levin
Yale University

Robert J. Zimmer
University of Chicago

Nido Qubein
High Point University

Steadman Upham
University of Tulsa

C.L. Max Nikias
University of Southern California

John J. DeGioia
Georgetown University

Steven Knapp
George Washington University

Donna E. Shalala
University of Miami

David E. Van Zandt
New School

Joseph E. Aoun
Northeastern University

Robert A. Brown
Boston University

Robert Weisbuch *
Drew University

Nicholas S. Zeppos
Vanderbilt University

Victor J. Boschini Jr.
Texas Christian University

Morton O. Schapiro
Northwestern University

James F. Jones Jr.
Trinity College (Conn.)

Richard H. Brodhead
Duke University

Ronald J. Daniels
Johns Hopkins University

John A. Fry
Drexel University

Barbara R. Snyder
Case Western Reserve University

Scott S. Cowen
Tulane University

Walter Harrison
University of Hartford

James W. Wagner
Emory University

Richard M. Joel
Yeshiva University

Edward Guiliano
New York Institute of Technology at Old Westbury

Edward L. Ayers
University of Richmond

Nathan O. Hatch
Wake Forest University

James T. Harris
Widener University

John P. Johnson
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at Daytona Beach (Fla.)

Stuart Rabinowitz
Hofstra University

Robert Fisher
Belmont University

Mark S. Wrighton
Washington University in St. Louis

Jean-Lou A. Chameau
California Institute of Technology

Shirley M. Tilghman
Princeton University

Frederick M. Lawrence
Brandeis University

Cornelius M. Kerwin
American University

John L. Hennessy
Stanford University

Drew Gilpin Faust
Harvard University

David Maxwell
Drake University

Dennis D. Berkey
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Alice P. Gast
Lehigh University

William W. Destler
Rochester Institute of Technology

Jared L. Cohon
Carnegie Mellon University

Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider
DePaul University

Rev. John I. Jenkins
University of Notre Dame

Nancy Cantor
Syracuse University

David J. Skorton
Cornell University

Joel Seligman
University of Rochester

R. Gerald Turner
Southern Methodist University

Jerry Falwell Jr.
Liberty University

George L. Hanbury II
Nova Southeastern University

Loren Anderson *
Pacific Lutheran University

M. Lee Pelton
Emerson College

John E. Klein
Randolph College

Louis J. Agnese Jr.
University of the Incarnate Word

John J. Bowen
Johnson & Wales University (R.I.)

Anthony P. Monaco
Tufts University

Michael P. Viollt
Robert Morris University Illinois

Jim Yong Kim *
Dartmouth College

Sidney A. Ribeau
Howard University

Kenneth W. Starr
Baylor University

Ronald K. Machtley
Bryant University

Joseph J. McGowan
Bellarmine University

Nariman Farvardin
Stevens Institute of Technology

Gary R. Cook
Dallas Baptist University

James L. Doti
Chapman University

Dennis J. Murray
Marist College

Arthur F. Kirk Jr.
Saint Leo University

Susan H. Fuhrman
Teachers College, Columbia University

Michael S. Roth
Wesleyan University (Conn.)

L. Rafael Reif *
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

John L. Anderson
Illinois Institute of Technology

Pamela Gann
Claremont McKenna College

Paul G. Gaffney II
Monmouth University

Carol L. Folt *
Dartmouth College

Ruth J. Simmons
Brown University

Richard I. Gouse
New England Institute of Technology

Marvin Krislov
Oberlin College

Gloria Cordes Larson
Bentley University

Kimberly R. Cline
Mercy College

Donald R. Eastman III
Eckerd College

William G. Durden
Dickinson College

Stephen J. Friedman
Pace University

Jonathan Veitch
Occidental College

Jerry Hultin
Polytechnic Institute of New York University

Kevin J. Manning
Stevenson University

Jamshed Bharucha
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

Beverly Daniel Tatum
Spelman College

John C. Bravman
Bucknell University

Lesley M. Hallick
Pacific University

Anthony J. Catanese
Florida Institute of Technology

James R. Appleton *
University of Redlands

Robert A. Scott
Adelphi University

Joan Hinde Stewart
Hamilton College (N.Y.)

Charles J. Dougherty
Duquesne University

Rebecca S. Chopp
Swarthmore College

Joanne K. Glasser
Bradley University

Brian Rosenberg
Macalester College

Daniel J. Curran
University of Dayton

Mordechai Rozanski
Rider University

Leon Botstein
Bard College

Daniel H. Weiss
Lafayette College

Kenneth P. Ruscio
Washington and Lee University

David J. Steinberg
Long Island University-C.W. Post

Jeffrey Herbst
Colgate University

Jill Tiefenthaler
Colorado College

Jane Dammen McAuliffe
Bryn Mawr College

Mary E. Lyons
University of San Diego

Joanne V. Creighton
Haverford College

Raynard S. Kington
Grinnell College

Andrew K. Benton
Pepperdine University

Daniel R. Porterfield
Franklin & Marshall College

John J. Petillo
Sacred Heart University

Adam F. Falk
Williams College

Michael S. Bassis *
Westminster College (Utah)

H. Kim Bottomly
Wellesley College

Pamela A. Eibeck
University of the Pacific

Joseph E. Nyre
Iona College

Richard E. Wylie
Endicott College

Mark D. Gearan
Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Jake B. Schrum
Southwestern University (Tex.)

John H. Garvey
Catholic University of America

John M. McCardell Jr.
Sewanee: The University of the South

Anthony S. Caprio
Western New England University

Carolyn A. (Biddy) Martin
Amherst College

Dennis A. Ahlburg
Trinity University

Steven G. Poskanzer
Carleton College

Anthony G. Collins
Clarkson University

T. Alan Hurwitz
Gallaudet University

George E. Martin
St. Edward’s University

Leo M. Lambert
Elon University

Kenneth K. Quigley Jr.
Curry College

Catharine Bond Hill
Vassar College

Thomas H. Powell
Mount St. Mary’s University (Md.)

Laura Skandera Trombley
Pitzer College

A. Gabriel Esteban
Seton Hall University

James McCarthy *
Suffolk University

Geoffrey Bannister
Hawaii Pacific University

Maria M. Klawe
Harvey Mudd College

MaryAnn Baenninger
College of Saint Benedict

Warrick L. Carter
Columbia College Chicago

Lori Bettison-Varga
Scripps College

Gerald Brouder
Columbia College (Mo.)

George W. Waldner
York College of Pennsylvania

Ronald D. Liebowitz
Middlebury College

Linda N. Hanson
Hamline University

Deborah A. Freund
Claremont Graduate University

Helen G. Drinan
Simmons College

Ronald R. Thomas
University of Puget Sound

Stephen C. Ainlay
Union College (N.Y.)

Debora Spar
Barnard College

Jerry E. McGee
Wingate University

Richard W. Schneider
Norwich University

Philip W. Eaton *
Seattle Pacific University

Richard B. Flynn
Springfield College (Mass.)

Larry Jay Lemons
Susquehanna University

Fred P. Pestello
Le Moyne College

James M. Danko
Butler University

David W. Oxtoby
Pomona College

Brian W. Casey
DePauw University

William T. Abare Jr.
Flager College at St. Augustine (Fla.)

Harold R. Wilde *
North Central College

David W. Burcham
Loyola Marymount University

Joseph S. Brosnan
Delaware Valley College

Robert D. Coombe
University of Denver

Elizabeth Stroble
Webster University

Colin S. Diver *
Reed College

Kerry Romesburg
Jacksonville University

William D. Adams
Colby College

Philip A. Glotzbach
Skidmore College

Alecia A. DeCoudreaux
Mills College

Gilbert L. Rochon
Tuskegee University

Stephen R. Briggs
Berry College

David S. Dockery
Union University

Barry Mills
Bowdoin College

Christopher B. Nelson
St. John’s College (Md.)

Rodney Smolla
Furman University

James R. Phifer
Coe College

Zorica Pantic
Wentworth Institute of Technology

Karen R. Lawrence
Sarah Lawrence College

Dale T. Knobel
Denison University

Randy G. O’Rear
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Debra M. Townsley
William Peace University

Wendy B. Libby
Stetson University

Rebecca L. Sherrick
Aurora University

Christopher E. Hopey
Merrimack College

Barry Glassner
Lewis & Clark College

Joseph B. Moore
Lesley University

Dan Angel
Golden Gate University

L. Randolph Lowry III
Lipscomb University

John J. Neuhauser
Saint Michael’s College

Grant H. Cornwell
College of Wooster (Ohio)

Peyton R. Helm
Muhlenberg College

William Fox
St. Lawrence University

Thomas R. Rochon
Ithaca College

Douglas N. Hastad
Carroll University

Stephen E. Thorsett
Willamette University

H. Scott Bierman
Beloit College

Bobby Fong
Ursinus College

Donald J. Farish
Roger Williams University

Ralph W. Kuncl *
University of Rochester

Robert Henry
Oklahoma City University

Lynn Pasquerella
Mount Holyoke College

Roger N. Casey
McDaniel College

Richard Guarasci
Wagner College

Lewis M. Duncan
Rollins College

Barry H. Corey
Biola University

Mark Lombardi
Maryville University of Saint Louis

Leo I. Higdon Jr.
Connecticut College

William R. Harvey
Hampton University

Ronald A. Crutcher
Wheaton College (Mass.)

William E. Troutt
Rhodes College

Hermann Viets
Milwaukee School of Engineering

George Bridges
Whitman College

Patricia E. Potter
National University

Sheldon Drucker
Fairleigh Dickinson University

S. Georgia Nugent
Kenyon College

Sharon D. Herzberger
Whittier College

Robert K. McMahan
Kettering University

Philip G. Ryken
Wheaton College (Ill.)

Thomas R. Kepple Jr. *
Juniata College

Carol A. Leary
Bay Path College

Anne B. Kerr
Florida Southern College

Scott D. Miller
Bethany College (W.Va.)

Michael Droge
Park University

Rev. Kevin W. Wildes
Loyola University New Orleans

Charles M. Edmondson
Alfred University

Carol T. Christ
Smith College

Kenneth R. Garren
Lynchburg College

Tori Haring-Smith
Washington & Jefferson College

David Anderson
St. Olaf College

Mark A. Heckler
Valparaiso University

Christina Hull Paxson *
Brown University

Carol Quillen
Davidson College

Robert M. Franklin Jr. *
Morehouse College

Stephen D. Schutt
Lake Forest College

Daan Braveman
Nazareth College of Rochester (N.Y.)

Thomas Kunkel
Saint Norbert College

James D. Evans
Lindenwood University

Daniel A. Dibiasio
Ohio Northern University

T. Andrew Westmoreland
Samford University

Jack R. Ohle
Gustavus Adolphus College

Norman C. Francis
Xavier University of Louisiana

Devorah A. Lieberman
University of La Verne

George Cornelius *
Bridgewater College

Sanford J. Ungar
Goucher College

Jill Beck
Lawrence University

Brennan O’Donnell
Manhattan College

Frederick J. Finks
Ashland University

Thayne M. McCulloh
Gonzaga University

Janet Riggs
Gettysburg College

Rockwell F. Jones
Ohio Wesleyan University

Jon R. Wallace
Azusa Pacific University

Larry Goodwin
College of Saint Scholastica

Robert W. Pearigen
Millsaps College

Stephen Alan Ray
Elmhurst College

Rev. E. William Beauchamp
University of Portland

Mary Pat Seurkamp *
Notre Dame of Maryland University

Esther L. Barazzone
Chatham University

Denvy Bowman
Capital University

Lex O. McMillan III
Albright College

Kim S. Phipps
Messiah College

Rev. Jeffrey P. Von Arx
Fairfield University

Benjamin B. Dunlap
Wofford College

Rev. Jeffrey F. Bullock
University of Dubuque

Jackie Jenkins-Scott
Wheelock College

Jonathan Lash
Hampshire College

Carlton E. Brown
Clark Atlanta University

Margaret L. Drugovich
Hartwick College

Jerry Wallace
Campbell University

James H. Mullen Jr.
Allegheny College

John David Dawson
Earlham College and Earlham School of Religion

William D. Underwood
Mercer University

Donald E. Bain
St. John Fisher College

Brendan J. Dugan
St. Francis College (N.Y.)

Robert B. Sloan
Houston Baptist University

Ronald J. Volpe
Hood College

Eileen B. Wilson-Oyelaran
Kalamazoo College

R. Mark Sullivan *
College of Saint Rose

Kathy A. Krendl
Otterbein University

Christopher Kimball
California Lutheran University

Mitchell B. Reiss
Washington College

William T. Greer Jr.
Virginia Wesleyan College

David P. Angel
Clark University

James E. Bultman
Hope College

Richard Jewell
Grove City College

Keith Taylor
Gannon University

Thomas W. Keefe
University of Dallas

John J. Hurley
Canisius College

Pamela Lewis Davies
Queens University of Charlotte

Phil Schubert
Abilene Christian University

Daniel J. Carey
Edgewood College

Carl Oxholm III
Arcadia University

Jonathan W. Palmer
Principia College

Lee G. Royce
Mississippi College

Francesco Cesareo
Assumption College

Thomas A. Kazee
University of Evansville

Harold G. Jeffcoat
Millikin University

Tracy Fitzsimmons
Shenandoah University

Margaret Fitzpatrick
St. Thomas Aquinas College

Timothy R. Thyreen
Waynesburg University

Mary Hawkins
Bellevue University

Carlos A. Campo
Regent University

Christopher B. Howard
Hampden-Sydney College

A. Frank Bonner
Gardner-Webb University

Thomas L. Hellie
Linfield College

Richard F. Wilson
Illinois Wesleyan University

A. Clayton Spencer *
Bates College

Kent John Chabotar
Guilford College

Dennis Trotter
Hastings College

Jo Ellen Parker
Sweet Briar College

Rev. Stephen V. Sundborg
Seattle University

Gayle D. Beebe
Westmont College

Frederick G. Slabach
Texas Wesleyan University

Ann McElaney-Johnson
Mount Saint Mary’s University (Calif.)

Beck A. Taylor
Whitworth University

Michael C. Maxey
Roanoke College

Jennifer L. Braaten
Ferrum College

Edwin H. Welch
University of Charleston

JoAnne Boyle
Seton Hill University

Joe A. Wiley
Freed-Hardeman University

Michael Peters
St. John’s College (Md.)

John D. Sellars
Graceland University (Iowa)

Sue DeWine
Hanover College

Robert Ivany
University of St. Thomas (Tex.)

John W. Byrd
Simpson College (Iowa)

Richard H. Dorman
Westminster College (Pa.)

J. Timothy Cloyd
Hendrix College

Gregory E. Christy
Northwestern College (Iowa)

Larry D. Shinn *
Berea College

R. Owen Williams
Transylvania University

Joseph Gilmour *
Wilkes University

Michael K. Le Roy *
Calvin College

David W. Whitlock
Oklahoma Baptist University

Henry L. Smith
Indiana Wesleyan University

F. Gregory Campbell *
Carthage College

Richard L. Torgerson
Luther College

David Sallee
William Jewell College
Jo Allen
Meredith College

B. James Dawson
Lincoln Memorial University

James G. Moseley
Franklin College of Indiana

Jeffrey Abernathy
Alma College

John A. Roush
Centre College

Robert R. Lindgren
Randolph-Macon College

Lanny Hall
Hardin-Simmons University

Richard B. Artman
Viterbo University

Jo Young Switzer
Manchester University

Elizabeth Fleming
Converse College

Nancy Oliver Gray
Hollins University

Jonathan Brand
Cornell College

Rosalind Reichard
Emory & Henry College

Rick D. Niece
University of the Ozarks

William J. Craft
Concordia College at Moorhead

Mark Rutland
Oral Roberts University

James E. Douthat
Lycoming College

David Szczerbacki *
College of Saint Rose

Rev. Christopher M. Thomforde
Moravian College

Darrel D. Colson
Wartburg College

Barry Brown *
Suffolk University

Jacque Carter
Doane College

Rev. Patrick T. Ferry
Concordia University Wisconsin

Daniel Y. Habuki
Soka University of America

J. Thomas Isherwood
Reinhardt University

Adam Weinberg
SIT Graduate Institute

Wayne B. Powell
Lenoir-Rhyne University

Carol Ann Mooney
Saint Mary’s College (Ind.)

Teresa L. Amott
Knox College

Charles Pollard
John Brown University

Robert Brower
Point Loma Nazarene University

Anne C. Steele
Muskingum University

Ralph W. Kuncl *
University of Redlands

Elizabeth Kiss
Agnes Scott College

William M.B. Fleming Jr.
Palm Beach Atlantic University

Todd Parnell III
Drury University

Frederik Ohles
Nebraska Wesleyan University

Carl J. Strikwerda
Elizabethtown College

Marvin Henberg
College of Idaho

David L. Parkyn
North Park University

John C. Reynders
Morningside College

J. Randall O’Brien
Carson-Newman University

Thomas V. Chema
Hiram College

Jerry Davis
College of the Ozarks

Julianne T. Princinsky
Baker College of Flint

Patrick E. White
Wabash College

William H. Crouch Jr.
Georgetown College

Danny P. Hollingsworth *
Piedmont College

David B. Burks
Harding University

William T. Bogart
Maryville College

G. Craig Williford
Trinity International University

Thomas K. Meier *
Elmira College

Steven C. MacDonald *
Lebanon Valley College

Frederick V. Moore
Buena Vista University

Mauri A. Ditzler
Monmouth College

Donald V. Weatherman
Lyon College

Marjorie Hass
Austin College

Steven L. Solnick *
Warren Wilson College

Robert Huntington
Heidelberg University

Stuart B. Dorsey
Texas Lutheran University

Eugene B. Habecker
Taylor University

Pamela M. Balch
West Virginia Wesleyan College

Dianne Lynch
Stephens College

Donna M. Randall
Albion College

Patricia N. Long
Baker University

Marianne E. Inman
Central Methodist University, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Pamela Fox
Mary Baldwin College

Robert Oliver
Augustana College (S.D.)

Mark L. Putnam
Central College

J. Cameron West
Huntingdon College

T.J. Arant
Friends University

B. David Rowe
Centenary College of Louisiana

John deSteiguer *
Oklahoma Christian University

Geoffrey Orsak *
University of Tulsa

George B. Forsythe
Westminster College (Mo.)

William S. Pfeiffer *
Warren Wilson College

Thomas M. Mengler *
St. Mary’s University

Rev. Dennis Dease
University of Saint Thomas (Minn.)

Juan R. Olivarez
Aquinas College (Mich.)

Don Bantz
Alaska Pacific University

Barbara K. Mistick
Wilson College (Pa.)

Brien Lewis *
Catawba College

John H. Russell
McMurry University

Michael Schneider
McPherson College

Joe W. Aguillard
Louisiana College

Mark H. Erickson *
Wittenberg University

Paul Armes
Wayland Baptist University

Beverley Pitts
University of Indianapolis

Axel D. Steuer
Illinois College

Susan Elizabeth Pauly
Salem College

Brian Levin-Stankevich *
Westminster College (Utah)

Samuel W. Oliver
East Texas Baptist University

Charles Timothy Summerlin
Schreiner University

William Ellis
Howard Payne University

Walter M. Kimbrough *
Dillard University

Patrick Leahy *
Wilkes University

John R. Kroger *
Reed College

Roy W. Ferguson Jr. *
Bridgewater College

Shirley Mullen
Houghton College

James Mellichamp *
Piedmont College

Richard W. Durst *
Baldwin Wallace University

Kenneth A. Smith
Geneva College

Robert C. Helmer *
Baldwin Wallace University

David Norman
Erskine College

A. Clayton Spencer *
Harvard University

Brian Friedrich
Concordia University (Neb.)

Darron Collins
College of the Atlantic

Sandra C. Gray
Asbury University

Dan Bruss
Bethany Lutheran College

Rex M. Horne Jr.
Ouachita Baptist University

Lyle Roelofs *
Berea College

Robert L. Manuel *
University of Indianapolis

James F. Conneely *
Notre Dame of Maryland University

Dan Lunsford
Mars Hill University

Ellen McCulloch-Lovell
Marlboro College

Thomas W. Krise *
Pacific Lutheran University

Kristin King
Bryn Athyn College of the New Church

Michael Hemesath *
Saint John’s University (Minn.)

Daniel J. Martin *
Seattle Pacific University

James E. Brenneman
Goshen College

Vivian A. Bull *
Drew University

Gregory S. Woodward *
Carthage College

Claude C. Lilly *
Presbyterian College

Joseph W. Bruno *
Marietta College

Rev. Scott R. Pilarz
Marquette University

James H. Taylor
University of the Cumberlands

James Lyons *
Dillard University

Ruth A. Knox
Wesleyan College (Ga.)

Laurie M. Joyner *
Wittenberg University

Zach Messitte *
Ripon College

Thomas M. Evans *
Carroll College

Lewis E. Thayne *
Lebanon Valley College

Monsignor James P. Shea
University of Mary

Gaylen Byker *
Calvin College

Mike E. O’Neal *
Oklahoma Christian University

Jonathan M. Astroth *
Lincoln College

Trudie Kibbe Reed *
Bethune-Cookman University

Sister Rosemary E. Jeffries
Georgian Court University

Joseph Oxendine *
Catawba College

Niels-Erik Andreasen
Andrews University

Sister Elizabeth A. Hill
Saint Joseph’s College (N.Y.)

Sister Jane Gerety
Salve Regina University

John D. Blackburn *
Lincoln College

Rev. Brian J. Shanley
Providence College

Rev. Joseph L. Levesque
Niagara University

Rev. Mark T. Cregan
Stonehill College

Rev. Kevin P. Quinn
University of Scranton

Brother Michael J. McGinniss
La Salle University

Sister Margaret Carney
St. Bonaventure University

Brother William Mann
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

Rev. Joseph M. McShane
Fordham University

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