Where movies are made- 2015 Feature Film Production Study

Where movies are made- 2015 Feature Film Production Study

Source: FilmL.A. Research

For the last three years, FilmL.A. Research has endeavored to track the movies released in 2013, 2014 and now 2015 to determine where they were ilmed, why they ilmed in the locations they did and how much was spent to produce them.

The 2015 Feature Film Production Study follows the same methodology and tracks the feature ilms released theatrically within the U.S.1 during the 2015 calendar year. Where possible, FilmL.A. tracks primary and secondary ilming locations, primary and secondary locations for postproduction/visual effects (VFX) work, production spending and jobs.

Of the 109 movies released by the Majors and Mini-Majors, reported production budgets ranged Research Analyst: from $1 million to over $300 million. The average production Adrian McDonald budget in the sample was $67 million.

The 109 ilms in this year’s study represent over $7 billion in direct production spending and tens of thousands of high-wage jobs in a wide array of professions. By comparison, the 107 movies included in the 2014 Feature Film Production Study had a combined production spend of $6.3 billion.

Feature Film Study 2015

Feature Film Study 2015 International

Feature Film Study 2015 Locations

Feature Film Study 2015 Production Spending

Feature Film Study 2015 Production Spending Production Center

Feature Film Study 2015 Cost of Incentives
Above-the-Line (ATL) costs Below-the-Line (BTL) costs
In competing locations like Georgia and the United Kingdom the film incentive programs cover both ATL and BTL costs. Under Georgia’s 30% incentive and the UK’s 20-25% incentive, a ilm that paid $10 million to an actor would receive $3 million or $2-$2.5 million in the respective locations. On average, ATL costs tend to represent 30-40 percent of the total budget, and sometimes 50 percent or more.
Feature Film Study 2015 Film Incentives

Feature Film Study 2015 Film Incentives Locations

Feature Film Study 2015 Lure of Location

Feature Film Study 2015 Major Filming Locations Top 25 Movies

Feature Film Study 2015 North America Film Locations


Filming Locations for Highest Grossing Comic Inspired Films

Each year between January and April, Los Angeles residents observe a marked increase in local on-location ilming. New television pilots, produced in anticipation of May screenings for television advertisers, join continuing TV series, feature films and commercial projects in competition for talent, crews, stage space and sought-after locations.

However, Los Angeles isn’t the only place in North America hosting pilot production. Other jurisdictions, most notably New York and the Canadian city of Vancouver have established themselves as strong competitors for this lucrative part of Hollywood’s business tradition. Below these top competitors is a second-tier of somewhat smaller players in Georgia, Louisiana and Ontario, Canada— home to Toronto.

FilmL.A.’s oficial count shows that 202 broadcast, cable and digital pilots (111 Dramas, 91 Comedies) were produced during the 2014-15 development cycle, one less than the prior year, which was the most productive on record by a large margin. Out of those 202 pilots, a total of 91 projects (21 Dramas, 70 Comedies) were ilmed in the Los Angeles region.

While this is the fourth largest annual tally in Los Angeles’ history, it was 10 fewer than L.A. handled during its peak year of 2004-05. In terms of overall market share, L.A. captured just 45 percent of all pilots in the current cycle, marking the second year in a row that L.A.’s share fell below 50 percent.

Television Industry 2015

Television Top Plot Producation Locations 2015

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Television Series vs Plot Locations 2015

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Notable TV Series Relocations Since 1987

Television Industry 2015 Review


North Carolina’s decline within the film industry after the Republican state government rejected film incentives 

As of January 2015, North Carolina has implemented a new Film and Entertainment Grant program. Funds from the Grant will serve as a rebate of up to 25% on qualified expenses/purchases of productions.

In September 2015, the North Carolina General Assembly, as part of the state’s budget that was signed by the Governor, made modifications to the NC Film and Entertainment Grant’s establishing statute increasing the amount of money available as well as making changes to the amount of in-state spending required by productions and maximum amount of funds that can be given per production.

Film NC 1988

Film NC 1991

In 2000, North Carolina had competition from states that put money away to lure the film business.

NC ranks third in film 2001

In 2005, the North Carolina General Assembly began an incentives program to keep up with the aggressive suitors.

Halfway through the 2012 calendar year, film productions in North Carolina had already eclipsed 2011’s recording setting numbers for in-state spending. As of July, the North Carolina Film Office had received notification from more than 35 productions in regards to filming in the Tar Heel state that year. The projects created 15,000-plus job opportunities, including more than 3,300 well-paying crew positions for the state’s skilled film professional workforce. Much of the success of North Carolina’s film industry over the past two years is a result of bi-partisan legislation to enhance the state’s film tax incentive that was championed by then Democratic Governor Perdue and approved by the General Assembly in 2010.

In 2014, after proponents of film incentives waged an intense debate, the N.C. General Assembly ended its 25 percent tax credits on spending and instead offered $10 million in grants.

The N.C. film industry quickly left for Georgia and Louisiana, states that offered a lot more.


WRAL 5 NBC Raleigh-Durham

Film NC 2015

Film NC 2016

Film GA 2016

EUE/Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, NC is the largest studio east of California. Since 1985, more than 400 film, television and commercial projects have shot on the 50-acre sound stage lot in coastal Wilmington, North Carolina. Films include “Iron Man 3” for Marvel and “The Conjuring” and “We’re the Millers” for New Line/Warner Bros. Recent television projects include “Under the Dome” for CBS, “Eastbound and Down” for HBO and “Sleepy Hollow” for Fox Television.

Film NC EUE Screen GEMS
Video:EUE/Screen Gems Studios – Wilmington, NC

Video: North Carolina Film Incentive Program

Video: North Carolina Film Incentive Program

Video: Positive Impact: Keep the NC Film Incentives

Video:Film=Jobs Rally In Wilmington, NC


More than 800 features have been filmed in North Carolina since 1980 including movies like: Nights In Rodanthe, Leatherheads, The Color Purple, Days of Thunder, Nell, Dirty Dancing, Forrest Gump, Shallow Hal, A Walk to Remember, The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Patch Adams, Last of the Mohicans, The Hunt for Red October, The Green Mile, The Fugitive, and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Television favorites such as Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill and Matlock have been shot here, along with pilots for the shows Hart of Dixie and Revenge.

NC Film & TV Productions 1950-1979
Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier (1955)
The Swan (1956)
Killers Three (1968)
Speedway (1968)
Deliverance (1972)
Where the Lilies Bloom (1974)
Being There (1979)

NC Film & TV Productions 1980-1989

The Private Eyes (1981)
Brainstorm (1983)
Stroker Ace (1983)
Firestarter (1984)
Cat’s Eye (1985)
The Color Purple (1985)
Marie (1985)
Silver Bullet (1985)
Year of the Dragon (1985)
Blue Velvet (1986)
Crimes of the Heart (1986)
King Kong Lives (1986)
Matlock (1986-1995)
No Mercy (1986)
Raw Deal (1986)
Trick or Treat (1986)
The Bedroom Window (1987)
Critical Condition (1987)
Date with an Angel (1987)
Dirty Dancing (1987)
From the Hip (1987)
Hiding Out (1987)
Weeds (1987)
Bull Durham (1988)
Collison Course (1989)
Dream a Little Dream (1989)
Weekend at Bernie’s (1989)
Winter People (1989)

NC Film & TV Productions 1990-1999
Days of Thunder (1990)
The Handmaid’s Tale (1990)
The Hunt for Red October (1990)
Mr. Destiny (1990)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
Billy Bathgate (1991)
The Butcher’s Wife (1991)
Once Around (1991)
Rambling Rose (1991)
Sleeping with the Enemy (1991)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II (1991)
Alan and Naomi (1992)
Day-O (1992)
The Last of the Mohicans (1992)
Amos and Andrew (1993)
The Fugitive (1993)
House of Cards (1993)
The Portrait (1993)
The Program (1993)
Super Mario Brothers (1993)
Chasers (1994)
The Crow (1994)
Forrest Gump (1994)
The Hudsucker Proxy (1994)
Nell (1994)
Radioland Murders (1994)
Richie Rich (1994)
The Road to Wellville (1994)
American Gothic (1995-1996)
Empire Records (1995)
Heavy Weights (1995)
Eddie (1996)
My Fellow Americans (1996)
To Gillian on her 37th Birthday (1996)
I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)
The Jackal (1997)
Kiss the Girls (1997)
Lolita (1997)
Black Dog (1998)
Dawson’s Creek (1998-2003)
Digging to China (1998)
He Got Game (1998)
Patch Adams (1998)
A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries (1998)
The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland (1999)
The Green Mile (1999)
Morgan’s Ferry (1999)
Muppets from Space (1999)

NC Film & TV Productions 2000-2009
28 Days (2000)
Bruno (2000)
George Washington (2000)
Black Knight (2001)
Domestic Disturbance (2001)
Hannibal (2001)
Shallow Hal (2001)
Summer Catch (2001)
Cabin Fever (2002)
The Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys (2002)
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2002)
Juwanna Mann (2002)
A Walk to Remember (2002)
All the Real Girls (2003)
One Tree Hill (Season 1) (2003-04)
A Touch of Fate (2003)
The Clearing (2004)
3: The Dale Earnhardt Story (2004)
The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (2004)
Stateside (2004)
One Tree Hill (Season 2) (2004-05)
Loggerheads (2005)
Junebug (2005)
Southern Belles (2005)
Surface (2005)
One Tree Hill (Season 3) (2005-06)
The Guardian (2006)
Idlewild (2006)
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)
One Tree Hill (Season 4) (2006-07)
The Beautiful Ordinary (2007)
Great World of Sound (2007)
Hounddog (2007)
Home of the Giants (2007)
One Tree Hill (Season 5) (2007-08)
Anywhere, USA (2008)
Bolden! (2008)
Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2008)
Leatherheads (2008)
Mandie and the Secret Tunnel (2008)
The Marc Pease Experience (2008)
Nights in Rodanthe (2008)
The Secret Life of Bees (2008)
Little Britain USA (2008)
Eastbound and Down (2008)
One Tree Hill (Season 6) (2008-09)
A Good Old Fashioned (2009)
Blood Done Sign My Name (2009)
The Bleeding (2009)
One Tree Hill (Season 7) (2009-10)

NC Film & TV Productions 2010-Present
Bloodworth (filmed as Provinces of Night) (2010)
A Box for Rob (2010)
Elephant Sighs(2010)
Lovestruck Pancho(2010)
Pendulum Swings (2010)
Redneck Roots(2010)
Snitch (filmed as Witness Insecurity) (2010)
Gimme Shelter (pilot) (2010)
Alone Yet Not Alone (2010)
Playing with Guns (pilot 1) (2010)
Fantasia For Real (2010)
Southern Fried Stings (2010)
Swamp Loggers (2011)
Teen Mom(2010)
One Big Happy Family (2010)
Petty Blue (2010)
ESPN 30×30 (NASCAR) (2010)
One Tree Hill (Season 8) (2010-11)
Beverly Lewis’ The Shunning (2011)
Journey 2:The Mysterious Island (2011)
Homeland (TV Pilot) (2011)
Southern Fried Stings (Season 2) (2011)
Trinity Goodheart (2011)
Playing with Guns (pilot 2) (2011)
A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song (2011)
One Tree Hill (Season 8) (2011)
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Jubilee/Marshall Family episode) (2011)
Revenge (TV Pilot) (2011)
Hart of Dixie (TV Pilot) (2011)
Teen Spirit (2011)
Hick (2011)
Piranha 3DD (2011)
Destiny Road (2011)
Game Time: Tackling The Past (2011)
The Hunger Games (2011)
Sleeping Around (2011)
Eastbound and Down (Season 3) (2011)
The Between (filmed as The Healer) (2011)
Born To Drive (The Annabeth Barnes Project) (2011)
Alien Abduction (aka Brown Mountain Abduction) (2011)
A Smile As Big As the Moon (2011)
One Tree Hill (Season 9) (2011)
Homeland (Season 1) (2011)
Arthur Newman (2011)
Infliction (2011)
Lucy: A Portrait (2011)
Jimmy (2011)
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Friday Family episode) (2011)
Hornet’s Nest (2011)
Beverly Lewis’ The Confession (2012)
Heart of the Country (2012)
The Conjuring (aka The Warren Files) (2012)
Stuck In Love (filmed as Writers) (2012)
Jessabelle (2012)
Shelter (Pilot) (2012)
The Devil’s Hand (aka The Devil’s Own/Where the Devils Hides, filmed as The Occult) (2012)
Mary and Martha (2012)
The Bachelorette : Season 8 (2012)
Are You Here (aka You Are Here) (2012)
Susie’s Hope (filmed as Susie) (2012)
Safe Haven (2012)
Banshee (Season 1) (2012)
We’re The Millers (2012)
Don’t Know Yet (2012)
For Richer, For Poorer (2012)
Homeland (Season 2) (2012)
A Short History of Decay (2012)
The Witches of East End (Pilot) (2012)
Goodbye To All That (2012)
Iron Man 3 (2012)
Revolution (Season 1, Part 1) (2012)
Stars In Danger:: The High Dive (2012)
Balsam Falls (filmed as An Evergreen Chirstmas) (2013)
Live Evil (2013)
Revolution (Season 1, Part 2) (2013)
The Remaining (2013)
The Ultimate Life (2013)
Sleepy Hollow (Pilot) (2013)
Shuffleton’s Barbershop (2013)
The World Made Straight (2013)
The Perfect Summer (2013)
Careful What You Wish For (2013)
Honeymoon (2013)
Dark Awakening (filmed as Nevermore) (2013)
The Ruckers: Southern Royals (2013)
Tammy (2013)
Watcha Cookin’ (2013)
Saving Westbook High (filmed as Teachers) (2013)
Under The Dome (Season 1) (2013)
Grass Stains (2013)
Banshee (Season 2) (2013)
How and Why (Pilot) (2013)
Dukes of Haggle (filmed as Redneckonomics) (2013)
Eastbound & Down (Season 4) (2013)
River Guard (2013)
Christmas In Conway (2013)
Homeland (Season 3) (2013)
Adrenaline (2013)
Curfew (2013)
Mountain Top (2013)
Los Jets (2013)
Well Wishes (2013)
The Squeeze (2013)
Captive (2013)
Tusk (2013)
Sleepy Hollow (Season 1) (2013)
Wicked Tuna: North vs South (2014)
Secrets and Lies (Pilot) (2014)
Field of Play (aka Red Zone/Untitled Nikki Toscano Project) (Pilot) (2014)
The Sin Seer (2014)
Max Steel (2014)
Union Bound (2014)
Max (2014)
Ashby (2014)
Under The Dome (Season 2) (2014)
Banshee (Season 3) (2014)
Masterminds (aka Untitled Armored Car Project / Loomis Fargo) (2014)
The Longest Ride (2014)
One and Two (2014)
The Disappointments Room (2014)
The Choice (2014)
Secrets & Lies (Season 1) (2014)
My Big Fat Fabulous Life (aka Whitney Thorne Project) (Season 1) (2014)
Paper Towns (2014)
The Harrow (2014)
Four Blood Moons (2014)
Blue Mountain State: The Movie (aka BMS: The Rise of Thadland) (2014)
The Detour (aka Untitled Jones/Bee Vacation Pilot aka Vacationald) (Pilot) (2014)
Sleepy Hollow (Season 2) (2014)
Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks (2015)
Shifting Gears (2015)
My Big Fat Fabulous Life (Season 2) (2015)
A Chef’s Life (Season 2) (2015)
Under The Dome (Season 3) (2015)
Love It or List It (1st All-American Season) (2015)
Good Behavior (Pilot) (2015)
The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter (2016)
Abundant Acreage Available (2016)

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