United States Congress passed legislation that pushes President Trump to condemn racist groups

September 18, 2017

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United States Congress passed legislation that pushes President Trump to condemn racist groups
Congress passed legislation for President Trump to speak out against hate groups that espouse racism, extremism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, and White supremacy

S.J.Res.49 – A joint resolution condemning the violence and domestic terrorist attack that took place during events between August 11 and August 12, 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia, recognizing the first responders who lost their lives while monitoring the events, offering deepest condolences to the families and friends of those individuals who were killed and deepest sympathies and support to those individuals who were injured by the violence, expressing support for the Charlottesville community, rejecting White nationalists, White supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and other hate groups, and urging the President and the President’s Cabinet to use all available resources to address the threats posed by those groups.

Cosponsors: S.J.Res.49 — 115th Congress (2017-2018)
Sponsor: Sen. Mark R. Warner, [D-Virginia] | Cosponsor statistics: 56 current – includes 5 original

Cosponsor Date Cosponsored
Sen. Kaine, Tim [D-VA]* 09/06/2017
Sen. Gardner, Cory [R-CO]* 09/06/2017
Sen. Isakson, Johnny [R-GA]* 09/06/2017
Sen. Murkowski, Lisa [R-AK]* 09/06/2017
Sen. Blumenthal, Richard [D-CT]* 09/06/2017
Sen. McConnell, Mitch [R-KY] 09/07/2017
Sen. Baldwin, Tammy [D-WI] 09/07/2017
Sen. Bennet, Michael F. [D-CO] 09/07/2017
Sen. Booker, Cory A. [D-NJ] 09/07/2017
Sen. Cardin, Benjamin L. [D-MD] 09/07/2017
Sen. Collins, Susan M. [R-ME] 09/07/2017
Sen. Coons, Christopher A. [D-DE] 09/07/2017
Sen. Donnelly, Joe [D-IN] 09/07/2017
Sen. Duckworth, Tammy [D-IL] 09/07/2017
Sen. Durbin, Richard J. [D-IL] 09/07/2017
Sen. Gillibrand, Kirsten E. [D-NY] 09/07/2017
Sen. Harris, Kamala D. [D-CA] 09/07/2017
Sen. Hassan, Margaret Wood [D-NH] 09/07/2017
Sen. Klobuchar, Amy [D-MN] 09/07/2017
Sen. Markey, Edward J. [D-MA] 09/07/2017
Sen. McCain, John [R-AZ] 09/07/2017
Sen. McCaskill, Claire [D-MO] 09/07/2017
Sen. Udall, Tom [D-NM] 09/07/2017
Sen. Van Hollen, Chris [D-MD] 09/07/2017
Sen. Warren, Elizabeth [D-MA] 09/07/2017
Sen. Wyden, Ron [D-OR] 09/07/2017
Sen. Rounds, Mike [R-SD] 09/07/2017
Sen. Shaheen, Jeanne [D-NH] 09/07/2017
Sen. Brown, Sherrod [D-OH] 09/07/2017
Sen. Cantwell, Maria [D-WA] 09/07/2017
Sen. Carper, Thomas R. [D-DE] 09/07/2017
Sen. Casey, Robert P., Jr. [D-PA] 09/07/2017
Sen. Cortez Masto, Catherine [D-NV] 09/07/2017
Sen. Feinstein, Dianne [D-CA] 09/07/2017
Sen. Franken, Al [D-MN] 09/07/2017
Sen. Heinrich, Martin [D-NM] 09/07/2017
Sen. Heitkamp, Heidi [D-ND] 09/07/2017
Sen. Hirono, Mazie K. [D-HI] 09/07/2017
Sen. Leahy, Patrick J. [D-VT] 09/07/2017
Sen. Manchin, Joe, III [D-WV] 09/07/2017
Sen. Menendez, Robert [D-NJ] 09/07/2017
Sen. Merkley, Jeff [D-OR] 09/07/2017
Sen. Murphy, Christopher [D-CT] 09/07/2017
Sen. Murray, Patty [D-WA] 09/07/2017
Sen. Nelson, Bill [D-FL] 09/07/2017
Sen. Peters, Gary C. [D-MI] 09/07/2017
Sen. Reed, Jack [D-RI] 09/07/2017
Sen. Schatz, Brian [D-HI] 09/07/2017
Sen. Schumer, Charles E. [D-NY] 09/07/2017
Sen. Stabenow, Debbie [D-MI] 09/07/2017
Sen. Tester, Jon [D-MT] 09/07/2017
Sen. Whitehouse, Sheldon [D-RI] 09/07/2017
Sen. King, Angus S., Jr. [I-ME] 09/07/2017
Sen. Sanders, Bernard [I-VT] 09/07/2017
Sen. Grassley, Chuck [R-IA] 09/11/2017
Sen. Sullivan, Dan [R-AK] 09/11/2017

14 September 2017 Signed by President.
14 September 2017 Presented to President.
12 September 2017 Passed/agreed to in House: On passage Passed without objection.
11 September 2017 Passed/agreed to in Senate: Passed Senate without amendment and with a preamble by Unanimous Consent.(consideration: CR S5165; text: CR S5165)
06 September 2017 Introduced in Senate

Key statements:
Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That Congress—

(6) rejects White nationalism, White supremacy, and neoNazism as hateful expressions of intolerance that are contradictory to the values that define the people of the United States; and

(7) urges—
(A) the President and his administration to—
(i) speak out against hate groups that espouse racism, extremism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, and White supremacy; and
(ii) use all resources available to the President and the President’s Cabinet to address the growing prevalence of those hate groups in the United States; and

(B) the Attorney General to work with—
(i) the Secretary of Homeland Security to investigate thoroughly all acts of violence, intimidation, and domestic terrorism by White supremacists, White nationalists, neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, and associated groups in order to determine if any criminal laws have been violated and to prevent those groups from fomenting and facilitating additional violence; and
(ii) the heads of other Federal agencies to improve the reporting of hate crimes and to emphasize the importance of the collection, and the reporting to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, of hate crime data by State and local agencies.

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Video: The United States Congress pushed President Trump to condemn white supremacists
Donald Trump has signed a US Congress resolution opposing “hatred, racism and bigotry” in all forms after violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.


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