Creating Modern Atlanta: 1932 Georgia’s Fulton County merges with Milton and Campbell counties – 1952 Buckhead is annexed by Atlanta

In 2021, there is a debate on going with some of Atlanta residents of the Buckhead neighborhood. Some of Buckhead’s residents seek to secede from the city of Atlanta to form an independent Buckhead City.
Opponents of a Buckhead succession say it would strip the City of Atlanta of the tax revenue and cripple the city’s budget generated by Buckhead’s businesses and homeowners. 
Atlanta City Council President Felicia Moore and Councilman Andre Dickens are in a 2021 runoff to determine who will be the next mayor and will have to deal with the Buckhead issue.
The city of Atlanta had a population of 498,715 in 2020, although the metropolitan Combined Statistical Area had a population of nearly 7 million people.  The state of Georgia had a 2020 total population of 10.71 million. 
This is a brief look back  at how the local Atlanta news media covered how the modern Fulton County, which Atlanta is the county seat, was formed. Also, a look back at when Buckhead and other areas of Fulton County were annexed into Atlanta’s city limits. 
Today, Buckhead is Atlanta’s luxury shopping destination and is home to 2 of Atlanta’s most major shopping malls Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza. Buckhead is also home to a few MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) rapid rail transit station (Atlanta’s subway system). 
Buckhead Skyline

Buckhead Skyline

Buckhead Skyline 03

MARTA Buckhead Station

1931 Feb 6 Fulton County Milton County Merger

1931 Sept 23 Fulton County Milton County Merger

1931 Oct 15 Fulton County Milton County Merger1931 Oct 15 Fulton County Milton County Merger1931 Oct 15 Fulton County Milton County Merger

1932 Jan 1 Fulton County Milton County Merger

1946 May 25 Buckhead Atlanta

1946 Dec 29 Buckhead Atlanta 011946 Dec 29 Buckhead Atlanta 02

1952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 011952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 021952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 031952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 041952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 051952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 061952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 071952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 081952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 091952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 101952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 111952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 121952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 131952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 141952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 151952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 161952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 171952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 181952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 191952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 201952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 211952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 221952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 231952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 241952 Jan 1 Buckhead Atlanta 25

1952 August 13 Buckhead Atlanta 011952 August 13 Buckhead Atlanta 021952 August 13 Buckhead Atlanta 031952 August 13 Buckhead Atlanta 041952 August 13 Buckhead Atlanta 051952 August 13 Buckhead Atlanta 06

Atlanta skyline 1965

Atlanta’s 1960s racial wall in Southwest Atlanta

1962 December 19 Atlanta Wall1963 March 27 Atlanta Wall1963 March 02 Atlanta Wall1963 January 8 Atlanta Wall1963 January 04 Atlanta Wall1962 December Atlanta Wall1962 December 27 Atlanta Wall1962 December 20 Atlanta Wall1962 December 20 Atlanta Wall1962 December 20 Atlanta Wall1962 December 20 Atlanta Wall1962 December 19 Atlanta Wall1962 December 19 Atlanta Wall

1966 Atlanta aims to annex Sandy Springs in Fulton County

1966 May 12 Atlanta Sandy Springs Annexation

1966 May 13 Atlanta Sandy Springs Annexation

1972 Nov 30 Atlanta Annexation Fulton County -Maynard Jackson

Atlanta 1973 – Race is an issue in the election that would lead the city to elect Maynard H. Jackson as its first African American mayor.

Atlanta has not had a white mayor since and they city’s development has prospered from downtown to Buckhead. The airport also expanded greatly under Atlanta’s African American mayors. The city also built a rapid rail transit system.

1973 Oct 11 Atlanta Too Young To Die

Atlanta Downtown 2020Atlanta Midtown 2020Atlanta Midtown 2020

Buckhead MARTA Station

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