Hispanics and Latinos: Who are they? A look back on the conversations

Hispanics and Latinos: Who are they?
A look back on the conversations

Hispanic Latino

Dilemma X enjoys sharing world and cultural history. Our goal is to help people better understand the world in which we live today. In the United States we often hear the terms Hispanic and Latino. What is it?

Many Americans actually do not understand what Hispanic and Latino actually means. On top of that many people use the terms incorrectly, even when they do know the meaning. In fact, many Americans often see and hear the media comparing the population sizes of individual racial groups with the population size of Hispanics/Latinos. Doing so is actually not correct. Below you will see a number of newspaper articles, from that past, that explained the complexity of using the terms Hispanic and Latino.

We begin by sharing a 1902 newspaper article on the black Hispanics/Black Latinos in Cuba. We end by sharing a few of our past Dilemma X articles that also explore this subject.

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Hispanic Latino -US Census Bureau

Black Hispanics/Black Latinos
1902 Hispanic Black Cuba

Is there still a fear of a Black Cuba? A brief look back in history
Native American Hispanics/Native American Latinos

1974 Hispanic Indians
1980 Hispanic

Lumping all races together, from Latin America, for political purposes
1986 Hispanic

The article above was written by Antonio Navarro

1986 Hispanic -Antonio Navarro

1989 Hispanic

1992 Hispanic

1995 Hispanic

Will the media and demographers ever learn how to correctly write about Hispanics/Latinos?
….Or should the terms Hispanic/Latino be removed from the U.S. Census forms?

2003 Hispanic

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US Census Hispanic or Latino Origin
Video: American comedian Paul Mooney tells a joke but, actually educates his audience about the fact that there are such people as Black Hispanics/Latinos from the Caribbean and South America

Video: The Difference Between Nationality, Ethnicity, Culture & Race Explained

Video: I’m not Spanish 

Video: Afro-Mexicans: Dancing Their Way Back To Their Roots

Video: Mexican Nationality: Afro-Mexicans in Los Angeles -Black Mexicans

Video: Afro-Mexicans Face Racism Daily in Mexico

Video: “Things White Latinos are sick of hearing”.
A joke on how White Latinos also sometimes get some of the same questions as Black Latinos. Many people don’t realize Hispanics/Latinos come in all races and it’s actually not a race or ethnicity. It’s a place of origin.

Video: Spanish speaking Native Americans speaking about the terms Hispanic and Latino

Video: Latinos/Hispanics who have Native American ancestry

Video: Identity For Mexicans Central Americans Native Americans #1

Video: Identity For Mexicans Central Americans Native Americans #2

Video: African descendants in Peru

NPR- Black, Puerto Rican and Proud


Tego Calderón is one of today’s most fascinating Puerto Rican musicians. Calderón speaks openly about the black Puerto Rican history.

NPR Audio Interview May 23, 2013

The Invention of Hispanics NPR 2015

Released June 25, 2015: U.S. Hispanic or Latino population by race – America’s largest population after White is still Black or African American

Understanding the difference between Hispanic/Latino and one’s racial classification

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